Destiny Tuning Steps

destiny tuning steps

Destiny Tuning Techniques And the law of attraction

What is the Law of Attraction?

what is destiny tuning

The Law of Attraction is the ability to engage and invite into our lives whatever we are focusing on.

It is the belief that positive or negative thoughts bring positive or negative experiences into your life.

Using the power of our minds to transform our thoughts and materialize them into reality.

Deriving from the idea that no matter is created nor destroyed.

It incorporates this into the practice that all thoughts and ideas transform into things eventually.

We as beings with vibrant energies can repel or attract situations and those with similar energies.

And we will show you how to do just this through our Destiny Tuning Steps.

As stated by Sonia Ricotti in her book, The Law of Attraction, Plain and Simple: Create the Extraordinary Life That You Deserve:

To live your greatest life, you must first become a leader within yourself.

Take charge of your life and begin attracting and manifesting all that you desire in life.

Mastering the Law of Attraction is the key to unlocking the door to your greatest life.” (Ricotti, p. xi).

Therefore, we can attract positivity into our lives by concentrating on these aligning plans and ideas that fit with our personal goals.

Rather than focusing on and attracting the negativity within our lives. 

A World Without The Law Of Attraction

take the destiny tuning steps

All you need to do to confirm whether we need the law of attraction is to look at the world around us.

Famine. Disease. Death. People all around the world are sick and depressed and are struggling because of the continuously rising levels of fear, stress, and uncertainty.

The law of attraction helps us to take on and conquer our worst enemy: the areas of our lives with the highest negative energies and emotions around it.

Without the law of attraction, we are far less likely to win at life.

And to those who are still uncertain about where they want their life to go, without a definitive aim, it becomes impossible to manifest anything.

We must all focus on where we wish to be in the next two years, two weeks, and two hours even. 

It is important to know and understand how we’re feeling within ourselves, because how we feel directly drives what we then attract in our lives.

Like attracts like.

The Law of Attraction allows us to understand deeper and be aware of how we are feeling.

Unlike most people we shouldn’t underestimate or suppress our emotions.

Emotional and mental states are just as important as one another, meaning we should not use misleading statements such as ‘we think and so we become’.

What does it mean to control your own destiny?

Destiny Tuning steps Secret

To control our destiny we should first come to realise the prospect that our lives can transform at any moment.

We must understand that although we all face various different challenges, everything that we could ever wish for in life is waiting for us.

We just need to send it out into the world.

By combining our ambitions, hopes, and dreams, with the energies surrounding us and ruling our destinies, our lives can and will become happier and far less irritating.

So to break free, and to harness your true destiny, here are five Destiny Tuning Steps to follow!

1. Reverse The Brainwashing

destiny tuning technique

It is doable to recover from brainwashing and the effects it can incur within us.

There is nothing that is as strong as the human mind.

But first, we must admit that a form of brainwashing has taken control of us.

Our problem is that we have been told the lie that we have no control over our destinies, so often by those around us, that many of us have come to believe it, but we shouldn’t.

As Renee Descartes stated, it is “prudent never to trust completely those who have deceived us even once.”

(Blackburn, p. 18) We cannot fully trust in others who have lied to us even once, the only ones we can trust are ourselves.

We must believe in ourselves over others, and believe in our own powers.

The truth is that we all have the innate power within us to change our lives for the better!

The media that we consume, such as movies, TV shows, and music, all aim and wish to dumb us down as a society, and to prevent us from harnessing the power within ourselves.

We must keep our minds open, and maintain our touch with reality.

We must educate ourselves and others about the true powers we hold and regain that which was taken from us by the different forms of media used to control us.

This is how Destiny Tuning Steps can help.

We have to keep things that do not serve to improve our lives away from us.

2. Change Your Vibration To A Level Of Adequacy

Destiny Tuning Sustains the Fire of Ambition

One main property of physics is that all matter is energy, based on Albert Einstein’s famous equation E = MC^2, which shows that all matter (M) is merely condensed energy (E), and therefore it emits a vibration all the time, as does all energy.

We as a larger form of matter must also be constantly emitting a vibration.

Everything we feel or conceive to be true becomes your reality, meaning that we must be careful about our thoughts.

If we were to acknowledge and enjoy the beauty around us, the smell of fall leaves, or the crash of the ocean against rocks, then we can shift our vibrations, transforming us from dwelling on what we do not possess, to what is all around us currently. 

The best time to change our vibrations are right before falling asleep, as the subconscious mind is the perfect state to download new information, in regards to vibration frequency.

Another way to create positive vibrations is through the healthy foods we eat and the amounts of water we drink.

As stated in the bible ‘your body is a temple’, and as such should be treated so.

(The Bible, 1 Corinthians 6:19-20 (ESV)) This theory as well has never been more profound or useful for manifestations.

If we reward our bodies then we ourselves will be rewarded in turn.

Healthy body, healthy mind, happy life.

3. Know What You Want 

focus on what you want

We must focus on what we desire rather than when or how we are going to get it.

Everyone’s dreams are unique to them.

But if we allow our insecurities and fears to take hold then we could find ourselves back where we began.

We cannot let others continue projecting their insecurities and fears upon us and let this brainwash us back to the beginning of our journey. 

For those with dreams of traveling to far away countries to pursue their need to explore, that is their dream.

But those around them might not also believe in the same dream and might try to destroy their plans, but we cannot let them drag us down.

For some, their dream is to meet their soul mate and begin a family with them.

Neither dream is worse or better than the other.

But they are unique to our own wants and desires, and because of this they are equally as valid and doable through the Destiny Tuning Techniques.

We must allow ourselves to have such clear objectives.

There’s something profoundly extraordinary about having a plan of your own that you can begin to set into motion.

We as humans have come far through evolution and have founded many machines that have helped us every day, e.g. cars.

But we have also discovered ways to help us explore the deepest wants and drives within our souls: to discover and travel further than our reach, e.g. airplanes.

What seemed impossible once, has become our mundane everyday.

Just show someone from the 1800’s a mobile phone.

4. You Are In Control So Stop Acting Like You Are Not

choice chance change

Those who teach you that we have no control over our lives and what happens within them, are brainwashing you.

In reality, we do indeed have power over our destinies, futures, and overall lives.

We must not place blame on others who have seemingly influenced us, such as our parents, bosses, or even our backgrounds, but we must rather take accountability for our own lives and the actions which have lead us here.

As Ben lays out in his book Choices Change Your Destiny! 

The worst thing you can do (as a free-thinking individual) is to come under the control of someone else’s influence – especially to the extreme extent that another person is controlling your choices.” (Pollice, p. 130).

We must alter how we do various things in the present to positively affect the future.

Because we cannot change our pasts.

The only ones in control of our fates completely, are ourselves.

If we stay connected with anything and everything going on within our lives, we can learn to stop lying to ourselves.

If we remain honest with ourselves, then we can learn from our past and can better and enhance our present and future.

Life is merely a multitude of mistakes, stumbles, and failed experiments, that then lead to success’ and the future we have always dreamt of. 

5. How to fine tune Your Destiny

For us to focus unlimited attention to the aims and aspirations that create our destiny, we must constantly reorganise our minds to focus upon that single objective.

Focus is our one main objective when it comes to fine tuning our fate.

The Destiny Tuning steps and Technique, cuts down our destinies into manageable and attainable steps of progress as listed above.

As stated by Jane Bernard in her book Fine Tuning: Connecting with Your Inner Powerfine tuning our Destiny is within our evolution:

“Tuning into your 6th sense, connecting with our inner power is the natural step in our evolution.

“(Bernard, p. 53) To follow the Destiny Tuning Steps, is to follow in the next step of our evolution.

No more shall we dwell on what we cannot do, but rather manifest into our lives the things we want and desire.

Tuning our destinies allows us to achieve our goals, rather than dwelling in the dark that is our daily habits.

Since our childhoods, we have all been brainwashed into believing there is only one way to live.

But if we retune and recondition our destiny then it will become our reality. 

>>Take the destiny tuning steps to manifest the future of your dreams<<

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