How Daily Weight Loss Affirmations Help You Get in Shape

Weight Loss Affirmations

Losing weight might be easier than you ever imagined. You are about to learn something that most nutritionists and fitness experts won’t tell you.

How can I really lose weight?

Is there a pair of jeans you would like to wear but can’t fit into?

Does your weight affect your self-esteem?

Maybe there is a job you failed at and you think your weight had something to do with it.

Whether you want to protect your body from certain diseases, improve your stamina or boost your confidence, there are many different reasons for wanting to lose weight.

But, if you have tried different methods and programs which have not worked, don’t give up.

Read on to find out how you can control different aspects of your life to achieve great physical health.

As you will learn, you are the one holding all the power to your physical fitness!

And, by the end of this piece, you will know how to summon weight loss affirmations and positive thinking for a healthier body.

Exercising and following a proper diet are vital steps to losing weight, but what goes through your mind is just as important.

Your brain sends signals to your body – thereby affecting your weight and general health.

Here you will learn life-changing information. It’s something that you normally won’t hear at the gym.

You will learn how to use the Law of Attraction to lose weight and get the body you always wanted.

Our beliefs become our thoughts; our thoughts transform into words…words turn into actions…actions grow into habits…habits become our values…our values gradually form our destinies. – Mahatma Gandhi

Now is the time to take the first steps toward getting the body you always wanted.

Below is a step-by-step process for manifesting physical fitness.

How can I get myself motivated to lose weight?

Do weight loss affirmations work

‘’I want to lose weight but I am not motivated.”

“How do I stay disciplined with my weight loss plan?”

“What can I do to stay focused on my weight loss journey?”

Weight loss affirmations and a positive attitude can work wonders for your body.

Indeed, your cognitive behavior plays a huge role in the state of your body.

So, having a positive outlook on physical fitness will make the journey easier for you.

Obesity is a major cause of an extensive range of chronic illnesses, ranging from diabetes to cardiovascular issues and cancer.

Maintaining a healthy body is mainly dependent on three things; proper stress management, balanced dieting and physical activity.

It is easy to start a weight loss plan, but sticking to your diet or plan is a common challenge.

Many people lack the necessary motivation and weight loss affirmations to press on with their healthy living routines, exercises and diet.

However, switching your brain into a weight-loss trigger will help you not to struggle with getting motivated.

A list of reasons for losing weight which you can see daily

Note down the reasons why you want to lose weight and put them somewhere that you will see them daily.

It could even be saved as a reminder on your phone, or pinned to the walls at your office or home.

Just ensure you can see the list every day.

You’ll have even better success if you read the list every morning or before you go to bed.

Some reasons for weight loss could include:

• Increasing the quality & length of your life.

• Looking fit for a special event.

• Managing a chronic illness.

• Boosting your self-confidence.

Learn the effects of obesity

How can I secretly lose weight fast

Don’t wait until the doctor tells you to lose weight. By then, it could be too late.

Instead, you should do some research to see what obesity does to the body; you’ll soon be running to the gym!

Obesity studies by the World Health Organization (WHO) show that there are over 1.9 billion obese people in the world.

The study further proves that obesity is the main cause of heart disease and stroke, which were the leading causes of death in 2012.

Listen and watch motivational content

Feed your brain with weight loss affirmations every day and you will gradually see positive effects in your body.

Subliminal perception has been proven to alter behavior, lifestyle, thoughts and feelings.

Moreover, psychoanalysis and neurolinguistic studies reveal that repeatedly receiving information directly affects our beliefs.

Your cognition patterns are largely dependent on what you hear and see every day.

For instance, if you regularly see burger advertisements, you are more likely to order a burger when you go out.

However, if you usually see healthy living ads, you will probably start enjoying healthy and organic meals more often.

Tune into weight loss affirmations and motivational content when:

• Working out.

• Starting your day.

• Sleeping or working, as background noise.

Create a plan that aligns with your lifestyle

How do you tell your mind to lose weight

Make a workout plan that is possible to follow, considering your day-to-day activities and commitments.

Fit in your exercises and diet in a way that won’t interfere with your career and family life.

There are 24 hours in a day. All you need is 30 minutes to see success.

It is more practical to have a plan that eases you into a healthy lifestyle, so try the following tips:

• Start eating more vegetables & fruits.

• Begin with 30-minute workouts and increase the time gradually.

• Reduce your daily calorie intake.

• Reduce the size of your meal portions.

• Cut back on desserts, fried and processed foods.

Take pictures and keep a journal

Picture yourself before you start your weight loss program and continue snapping the changes every day.

You will start noticing small changes between the photos which will help you stay motivated.

Furthermore, in your journal, note down what and when you eat and how you feel after accomplishing your daily physical fitness goals.

Celebrate your victories

Have you lost a pound?

Buy yourself a new pair of jeans or take yourself out to your favorite restaurant!

Losing weight is an accomplishment worth celebrating.

Therefore, you should absolutely congratulate yourself when you achieve a goal.

Why is mindset important in life?

Can you manifest weight loss with Weight Loss Affirmations

Research at the University of Edinburgh’s Psychology Department shows that mindset is important from childhood.

Indeed, there is evidence that praising hard work in kids significantly increases their IQ and cognitive abilities.

On the contrary, praising intelligence implies to children that success is automatic and does not require hard work.

Recent neuroscience research links mindset to success.

Having intrinsic motivation and a positive mindset will help you achieve weight loss, financial freedom, career opportunities and all your dreams in general.

Having positive mental signals will help you:

• Respond well to traumatic events.

• Perform better in your career.

• Observe better eating habits.

• Develop a sense of self-validation.

• Lower your risk of death from cardiovascular diseases.

• Become better socially.

• Improve your immunity and general body wellness.

Every morning we have a choice.

We can either say to ourselves, “I won’t work out today,” or ‘I am going to get out of bed, work out and create a healthier version of myself.” – David Goggins (Guinness World Record holder of most pull-ups – 4, 030 in 17 hours.

Why are affirmations so powerful?

How do I train my brain to lose weight

What you talk about and the things you say to yourself are the most important words you can listen to.

There is a voice in our heads 24/7, 365 days of the year.

That voice condemns us when we are wrong, praises us when we do things right and warns us of impending danger.

The voice in your head is you, talking to yourself.

It influences how you perceive the world and take in information every day.

You can shut down all other voices around you (friends, family and colleagues) but you cannot shut down your conscience.

So, what do you do?

The stories of Brady and Lisa

Brady was a successful gym instructor. He got involved in an accident in 2009 and was paralyzed for two years.

He eventually healed and started walking but he had a limp in his right leg.

However, all he did was complain of how he missed the old days of intense workouts and girls flocking around him at the gym.

His friends tried to cheer him up, even helped him get a job as a health fitness consultant, but customers complained of his negative attitude.

According to clients, he would say things such as, “Imagine working out like that, then boom! You can no longer walk to show off your bomb body!”

Now, let’s consider Lisa, a commercial model. She had a severe tumor in her right leg.

After several failed surgeries, doctors concluded that the limb must be amputated to prevent further damage.

Of course, Lisa was troubled at first. However, as she entered the surgery room, she smiled at the doctor and said, “At least when I leave here, I will be alive and free.”

The surgery went well and Lisa even managed to crack a joke as she was being wheeled to the recovery ward, woozy with anesthesia and with one leg.

“I hear you have connections to the best prosthetic closets in New York, when can we go rob one?”

she said. And, nowadays, Lisa makes custom prosthetic legs and is still making a living.

As you will soon come to find out further in the article, when you constantly speak positively of yourself, you will start becoming successful.

This is clear in the above two examples; Lisa was successful because of her positivity.

Can affirmations change your body?

Yes, affirmations can change your body and all other aspects of your life.

Using positive statements to encourage yourself comes with many long-term benefits, especially for your body.

Self-affirmation promotes physical activity, thereby, improving your health in the long-term.

People who think well of themselves have better attitudes towards physical and mental fitness.

There is also the self-affirmation theory which proposes that our beliefs and words motivate us to improve different aspects of our lives for the better.

So, by thinking or saying positive things about ourselves, we remind our brains that we are capable of attaining our goals.

In turn, our brains send signals to our body organs, so that we end up living the words we speak.

The more positively you view life, the healthier you will become.

For example;

“I am in great health, and I want to be healthier, so I only eat healthy food.”

“I enjoy exercising daily.”

If you keep on repeating these words, you will find yourself appreciating organic means and physical activity more and more.

On the contrary, negative affirmations provoke bitterness and regret.

Telling yourself that you are ugly and fat will only make you angry.

Instead of searching for a solution, you will likely find yourself eating to swallow your sadness and feeling jealous of physically fit people.

Can you lose weight with the Law of Attraction?

How do you mentally lose weight with Weight Loss Affirmations

The law of attraction involves formulating positive goals in your mind.

We will show you how to use your mind to lose weight and get your dream body.

Manifesting long-term weight loss has a lot to do with your perception of exercise, food and physical image.

Law of Attraction exercise:

Think of yourself at your desired weight.

How do you look? What are you wearing? How are you feeling in that body?

If you love the image that is in your head right now, go for it.

Do everything you can to work on your weight and don’t let anyone or anything hold you back.

Indeed, as much as you should think positively, you must also treat your body well to manifest the weight loss you so crave.

Nurture your body with healthy meals.

Get enough sleep and dress your best.

How do you use affirmations for weight loss?

Can you lose weight by using your brain

Reading positive affirmations out loud daily and practicing what you say will help you to achieve your desired results faster than you could ever imagine.

Of course, a drastic change will not happen overnight.

However, positive affirmations, combined with the proper dieting and physical activity, equals a healthy body, a strong mind and higher self-esteem.

Examples of Affirmations:

  • Daily, I am working out and taking care of my health.
  • My body is losing weight now and I feel great.
  • Since I started losing weight, I look wonderful.
  • I don’t need to eat food to cope with my emotions.
  • Healing is taking place in my body.
  • I only eat meals that nourish my body and mind.

What do you think of yourself?

What do you think you deserve?

Do you believe that you are destined for greatness?

Have you resigned to the realities of your life?

>>Hurry up and download the best weight loss affirmations and motivations. Listen to them every day and the change in your body and lifestyle will be so amazing, that everyone will notice.<<

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