Increasing Wealth Through Money Affirmations

When you look at your life, what is the number one thing that could make it better or easier? It’s probably money. Although many of us have a negative relationship with money, it’s absolutely crucial for survival.

How much you need and when you need it will depend on your circumstance, but everyone needs money. Don’t worry, though – if you’re in a situation where you need more money, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to learn about money affirmations and how they can help you change your life!

What is money affirmation?

Do money affirmations work

To understand what a money affirmation is, it’s first important to understand what an affirmation is.

Affirmations are the things that we say to ourselves over and over or even things we think to ourselves repeatedly.

When you say something to yourself again and again, your brain associates those words with your identity. You become your own thoughts, speech and actions. This applies to positive and negative thoughts alike.

The part of your brain that translates your thoughts into your identity and behavior is your Reticular Activating System (RAS). You can use this part of your brain to mold and change parts of your life just by using affirmations!

Most people are inundated by negative thoughts about 80% of the time, but this saturation of negative thinking attracts even more negativity in their lives! However, by repeatedly subjecting your subconscious to positive statements (affirmations), you can create positive changes!

So, what does this mean for you – at least as far as money goes?

Well, it means that you can actually generate more money within your own life by simply using affirmations.

It really is as simple as that! You already have the power inside you to bring more money into your life! You just have to utilize this power by using money affirmations.

Your subconscious, and the universe around you, will do the rest of the work!

In the following text, you will learn how to make your subconscious work for you. After all, your subconscious really can motivate, inspire and create more money for you!

You may be wondering though… does using money affirmations actually work?

Do money affirmations really work?

How do affirmations work

So, where’s the evidence? Is there any scientific proof to support the practice of affirmations?

You may be surprised to hear this, but yes! Since the beginning of affirmation practices, there have been numerous studies.

Just recently, a study at Carnegie Mellon showed that practicing affirmations decreased stress and improved problem-solving.

Don’t take our word for it though, try it out and find out for yourself.

But, to motivate you to begin, here are some other proven benefits:

Increased motivation

By constantly stating positive beliefs about yourself, you will be more driven to meet those beliefs.

This forces you to start working on your goals and achieve them. You will then experience motivation to complete more goals.


Increase awareness to improve mood

By affirming positive thoughts every day, you become more aware of your negative thoughts, feelings and actions.

This increased consciousness gives you the ability to monitor your thoughts in a more active way.

You will be better equipped to intervene with positivity and improve your outlook on life.

Increased gratitude, increased happiness

Increased gratitude helps us lead joyful, more fulfilling lives.

When you are consistently affirming the positive things in your life, your gratitude and happiness will increase.

You attract more of what you want

Changing your beliefs about yourself and the world around you, helps attract more of what you want.

You will experience increased blessings and be more capable of finding things that make you truly happy.

Health benefits

Reductions in the amount of stress you have will benefit your health.

Studies show that stress negatively affects the cardiovascular system. So, it’s no secret that a happy life means a happy heart as well.

These are some of the proven benefits. Science is still catching up to the entirety of affirmation benefits.

How do money affirmations work?

How can I attract wealth in my life

Okay, so now you know the benefits and what affirmations are, but how do they work? More specifically, how do money affirmations work?

Money affirmations work because you are aligning your subconscious with your efforts. Basically, when you practice money affirmations, you focus your energy on gaining abundance – and focused energy allows you to put your goals into action.

Because you are setting your subconscious up to look for opportunity, you will be more capable of noticing it.

It doesn’t take much! Just being more aware of opportunities allows you to grasp them. When you direct your thoughts toward your desired outcome, you give your thoughts the power to change your reality.

This is not to say that thinking something makes it true, however, constantly affirming something helps you stay focused on your vision of your future. This future-oriented view leads to action and eventually to the future you desire.

And, last of all, raising your frequency allows the universe to work with you. When you set your subconscious frequency towards looking for money, you allow the world to present these options to you.

You are a good person and deserve to be capable of providing for yourself financially. Whether you want to pay off debt or are looking to change your lifestyle, money affirmations can help.

How do I start attracting money to my subconscious mind?

Can affirmations make you rich

You’re probably wondering how to begin. Getting yourself started when it comes to money can be the hardest part. By using the following steps, you should be on your way in no time!

Here are a few steps to getting started:

Let go of your negative beliefs surrounding money

Don’t be your own critic. Sometimes, we may feel like we don’t deserve wealth due to our past behaviors or circumstances, or maybe you believe someone else deserves to be wealthy more than you do.

Let go of these thoughts and feelings!

Practice self-love and allow wealth in your life! Every time you have a negative thought surrounding money, release it. Let it go and refocus on your goals.

Focus on what you have

What we have in our lives starts from the heart, so take a few minutes every day to practice gratitude. A gratitude journal is a great way to start. Or, you could just take a few minutes each day to channel gratitude over the things you already have. This will attract more money and wealth!

Think about your financial needs

What do you currently need financially? What is your current income, and what would you like it to be? Try to be sincere and honest with yourself in answering these questions.

Don’t judge yourself or your circumstances – just acknowledge your finances for how they exist. There’s no need for negativity.

Then, think about where you’d like to be, and visualize yourself with that amount of financial security.

Handle money

What does money feel like? What does it smell like? Visualize money and your life with abundance, and then imagine what your life would be like once you have achieved your goals.

Do this every day to begin the process of focusing and attracting money into your life!

How do I use my brain to make money?

How long do affirmations take to work

So, you’re practising your visualizations and letting go of negative feelings. What’s next? Affirmations.

The main thing to know about affirmations is that they should be said out loud. You can use the following tips to get started:

  1. Stand in front of the mirror and look at yourself. If you are able to, peer deeply into your own eyes and try to connect with your subconscious. Smile at yourself. Think about how this practice will lead to good things.
  2. Take a few breaths in deeply. Inhale to the count of eight, and exhale to the count of eight. Do this at least three times, or maybe more. You should feel free of distractions and ready to focus deeply.
  3. While looking into your own eyes and at your face, say each affirmation 3-5 times to yourself. Speak clearly and speak confidently. Make yourself believe this is going to change your life. If any helpful visuals appear in the mind, allow them to come – embrace them.
  4. After saying your affirmations aloud, repeat your breaths. You should feel yourself retain the affirmation somewhere in your body. Then, go about your day.
  5. Throughout your day, think carefully about your morning affirmation session. Mentally reaffirm your beliefs if needed. You can even say the affirmations in your head, or repeat this process throughout the day.

Always remember to trust in the process. If you don’t believe in the process, or yourself, it may not work. These money affirmations are going to help you achieve your financial goals, but you are at the helm of your own ship!

Remember, you are powerful, strong and capable.

How can I attract money immediately?

How can I attract money immediately

If you’re in a bind, and need money immediately, there are a few things you can do. Speeding up the process is possible, but you should always remember to look outside of your affirmations alone if you need immediate assistance.

Look at the resources around you like your friends, your family or community organizations for help if need be.

To speed up financial abundance in your life, do the following things:

Immerse yourself in money affirmations

Many people practice affirmations once a day, particularly in the mornings or just before bed. Doing this can be helpful for speeding up results. Start using money affirmation 3-5 times a day for best results.

Affirm when your mind is ready

Sometimes, our negative beliefs can get in the way of an effective morning affirmation session. So, take notice of your mindset. If you notice a time when you feel particularly susceptible, affirm then.

Focus on a specific thing

Try and be more specific with your money affirmations. If you need money to pay your electric bill, focus on that. Being specific can often be more effective than just doing general affirmations!

Record your affirmations, and listen to them

Record your money affirmations and listen to them before bed. Listening to affirmations can cement them in the brain and provide faster results.

What are some examples of money affirmations?

If you need a little inspiration, take the following examples and use them:

  • Greater abundance comes to me when I am open to opportunities
  • I am worthy of a higher income
  • The more I give, the more I receive. The more I receive, the more I give
  • By visualizing myself having money, I receive more money
  • I can attract as much money as I want
  • Positive thoughts about money bring me more money
  • I am healing my relationship with money

These are just a few examples. You can use whatever you’d like and whatever feels right to you, although it’s good to pick two or three to start.

Follow the steps listed above for the best results. Doing this every day will help you to succeed in receiving financial abundance and meeting your financial needs.

Final Thoughts

After reading this, you should be set up and ready to begin working on your money affirmations. Money should be on the way to you!

But, if you need a little help, or are hoping for even better results, there are more resources out there.

Thanks to technology, we have access to so many things online. You no longer have to go out to receive helpful information. In fact, some of the best help you can receive in learning how to optimize your money affirmations is through classes!

These online classes allow you to receive information from the best of the best! People who have tried everything and learned what really works to help you achieve your goals.

Whatever your situation, money affirmations can help. Try to remember that you deserve wealth.

Money is a necessary object in your life that will help you provide for yourself and others. So, there’s really no guilt or shame in association with a desire for money.

Good luck on your journey to more money through money affirmations – and congratulations on taking your first step to wealth by reading this article. May you have much health and wealth!

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