What Are My Money Blocks? How To Let Go Of Everything That’s Holding You Back

What are my money blocks

Usually, the first question most people ask after learning about money blocks is, “What are my money blocks?”

However, if you have never heard of money blocks, here is a detailed article that talks about one of the many things that may be preventing you from achieving the success you desire.

What is a money block?

What is a money block?

Since the concept of a money block is relatively new, it could get confusing fast with the dozens of different languages floating around about it.

But here’s a simple explanation of what money blocks really are.

When you have negative subconscious beliefs about money, this can act as a money block that prevents you from achieving your conscious desires.

Let’s break it down further.

Have you tried so hard to save money but, for whatever reason, it’s almost impossible to accomplish?

Do you find yourself spending money as soon as you get it, and it’s not really clear what you’re spending it on?

Or you have found it so difficult to stick to a budget, have a decent amount of money saved up and exhibit total control of your finances?

If your answer to these is yes, then there could be two problems you’re facing.

The first is that you don’t have access to the tools you need to improve your financial situation.

The second is that you have a money block.

For a lot of people, you inclusive, the solution could be more complicated than just having the proper system to manage your money.

What is blocking your success?

How do I get rid of success blockers

You desire success, but something is blocking it; what could that be?

It could be a limiting opinion, limiting belief, mental block, or even a success block.

However, notice that there is a common theme here, and that’s the word “block.” With a success block, there is no natural flow forward.

It’s just like a tree blocking the natural path of water flowing down a river.

You can open yourself to blocks when you accept unhealthy habits, false ideas, and limiting beliefs.

Here are some common types of money blocks that could be blocking your success:

Parental programming blocks

While some parents may not have been expressive with their limiting beliefs using words, they could still pass the message across.

Usually, parental programming blocks can make you so self-conscious about issues concerning money that you either feel so guilty about spending money or always worried about not having enough money.

Parental programming blocks usually block your success.

Religious and cultural blocks

Cultures and religion have a considerable influence on our belief systems.

Some misquoted “spiritual teachings” usually downplay the importance of money, so much that you have a toxic relationship with it.

A very common one is that “money is the root of all evil.” Some “common sense” advice also encourages a negative attitude towards money.

There is a huge chance that you’ve heard phrases like “money corrupts” or “money doesn’t make you happy.”

These statements can attack your subconscious, making you afraid of being successful.

Low Self-Esteem Blocks

Another thing blocking your success could be low self-esteem.

When you have that underlying feeling that you’re never good enough and that you can’t do what others can, then your lack of confidence will serve as a block.

Questioning your ability to handle success creates doubts that stop you from making an effort.

It becomes a struggle to take any action because you’re fighting your fear of failure.

What are subconscious blocks?

How do I get rid of negative and free my mind

Subconscious blocks are those things that stop you from achieving what you want or being what you want to be.

How do you know if you have a subconscious block?

Well, if you have ever felt so frustrated at your ability to commit to an activity, then you may have a subconscious block.

There might be a moment where you have everything at your disposal to start up a healthy habit.

You say you’re going to stick with it, but then you drop the ball anyway.

Here’s why it’s referred to as a subconscious blockage.

Usually, our subconscious mind keeps a record of everything that goes on in our daily lives.

While we have the crucial things stored consciously, those at a lower level of importance are kept in the subconscious.

Therefore, these blocks are not important enough to rise to our conscious level but are those things which you have believed or heard, then accepted without question.

8 Subconscious Money Blocks Keeping You From Getting Rich

Subconscious money blocks can keep you from getting rich and manifesting abundance.

As much as you don’t like to admit it, you may be thwarting your intentions unknowingly through limiting beliefs.

So, what are the eight subconscious money blocks that could be keeping you from getting rich?

  • The belief that you don’t deserve money

Some people see abundance as something so far removed from their reality.

If you’re the sort of person that grew up with the belief that you’re not good enough to get rich, then this could be working against you.

We can all be successful in our own ways.

So, challenge your negative beliefs with the daily affirmation that you deserve wealth and a life of abundance.

  • Possessing negative assumptions about money

Here is a fact: money can’t solve all our problems.

However, a lack of money can lead to some negative thoughts towards it.

When you dwell on these negatives, they can block your ability to manifest wealth and achieve success.

So, take a moment to write down some negative messages you have heard about money.

It could come from society, media, religion, or even your immediate family.

Now, write a positive belief next to each one and work on manifesting them.

  • Taking cues from your immediate environment

Our environment has a lot of influence on our beliefs.

If your work or home environment is one that tunes your mind into lack instead of abundance, then it could serve as a subconscious money block.

It could be items lying around that remind you of the hard times like poorly organized receipts or bills.

Reframe your environment in a way that will also reframe your thoughts.

  • Being blind to signs

Sometimes, the universe tries to talk to you or even point you in the direction of wealth.

However, if you have tuned your mind to look past hints or discredit your gut feelings, then you will miss out on these signs.

You can strengthen your intuition with daily meditation.

  • The mindset of excessively giving

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good thing to be generous.

However, you need to be both a receiver and a giver to manifest abundance.

It’s just like asking someone for help and then refusing to accept it when the person is ready to help you.

It’s a healthy thing to want good things for yourself as well.

Therefore, as much as you want to be generous, it’s a great idea to also save of this for yourself, which will help both you and others in the long run.

  • Lack of specificity

If you were asked to mention two goals you have in life, would it take you more than ten minutes to come up with them?

When you have clear goals, you will be able to work towards them.

It’s certainly better than just moving in any old direction.

Your subconscious money block could be that you have very vague goals that are hard to achieve.

Specificity brings about results.

So, don’t be afraid to set your mind on a specific timespan and amount of money.

  • Low expectations

What exactly do you want?

Do you believe you can have it, or is there a nagging doubt deep down?

That doubt is another subconscious money block that could be blocking your success.

A mind that is full of doubts will be unable to harness the energy required to manifest a life of abundance.

Let go of this doubt and read success stories that will inspire you with positive expectations.

  • Being afraid of success

There is a huge possibility that your subconscious mind is actually scared of change and terrified of getting what it wants.

If you’re so worried that your success won’t last, this fear could be blocking it.

It’s okay to be cautious, but fear will only hold you back.

So, list out the anxieties you have about success and contradict them with positive statements.

How do you get rid of a subconscious blockage?

How do you get rid of money blocks

You need to answer one fundamental question first: are you really ready to turn your life around in a big way?

Are you prepared to do what it takes to attract positivity to your subconscious mind and propel yourself towards success?

Then, you can start by listening to Heather Mathews as she gives you a step-by-step blueprint on how to use manifestation to live a successful life and get rid of the subconscious blockage.

Get ready to achieve success beyond your wildest dreams.

How to Overcome Your Money Blocks right now

Now that you have asked yourself, “What are my money blocks?” it’s time to move on.

I have been able to explain this to a reasonable extent.

Now, the next stage is to talk about how to overcome your money blocks fast.

So, here are some tips to help you overcome your money blocks right now:

  • Build awareness

Identifying your limiting beliefs is hugely transformational.

You need to be aware of a problem before you can think about what to do to solve it.

So, take a minute to list out all your limiting beliefs.

This will be very useful as you move to the next step which is to implement actions against these beliefs.

  • Tear down your limiting beliefs

Your money blocks are usually not entirely false.

Most times, those limiting beliefs are rooted in the truth, and that’s why it’s often hard to let them go.

If you believe that money corrupts people, it’s not a lie, especially if you live in a country where corrupt government officials oppress citizens.

However, you still need to work on tearing these blocks down.

How? Start by asking questions and finding evidence that contradicts that scenario.

Identify the source of that belief and then ask yourself if it is always true.

Yes, money corrupts people, but think of the good that people have done with money.

Then, you will begin to see the flaws in these beliefs.

  • Choose new beliefs

This is just like choosing good money affirmations.

Create money beliefs that are empowering, simple, and positive.

They should also support your conscious goals.

You’re never going to be able to have the money you desire if you believe that money is evil and it makes you a bad person.

Instead, let your new beliefs see money as a tool that supports your happiness and helps you do good for others.

  • Talk to a professional

What is blocking your success

It is difficult for some people to overcome their money blocks.

You may be one of those who find it challenging to let go of these success blocks, and that’s okay.

You should remember that we all have the power to overcome these blocks, and you may just need a push to get you going.

Some money blocks are a result of traumatic experiences like financial abuse and abandonment.

Due to this, you may become resistant to change.

However, if your experiences are holding you back from getting rid of your money blocks, then let a professional take you through the process.

One professional that can help you get rid of your money blocks is Heather Mathews.

Never forget that undoing your money blocks is a continuous process.

It takes time, but with the right guidance, you will be able to move through this phase more smoothly than others.

I remember some pretty limiting (and embarrassing) beliefs I had about money that served as my money blocks.

However, I have gotten to know them well and put in the work to move past them.

Though they sometimes creep up, I am equipped with the right mindset to shut them down.

This can be you, too, if you take the steps I took. I can handle my money blocks, and so can you.


>>Make the right move now and see how much you begin to attract success into your daily life.<<

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